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Village Announces Continued Generous Offers for Local Property Owners

Village celebrates closing on about 1,700 acres, seeks to purchase remaining 1,100 acres

Yesterday, the Village of Mount Pleasant announced that all homeowners impacted by public improvement projects related to the Foxconn project will be offered 140 percent of the fair market value of their properties and that owners of vacant land within the project area will be offered $50 thousand per acre. The announcement comes on the heels of the Village completing closing on about 1,700 acres of land on which the Village held options.

“We know the property acquisition and relocation processes are challenging,” said Dave DeGroot, Village of Mount Pleasant President. “As a result, we are making generous, consistent offers to property owners throughout the project area.”

As part of the process, all property owners impacted by public improvement projects will receive an appraisal on their property. Property owners will also receive provisions to cover relocation expenses. A number of property owners have already offered to sell property to the Village at these prices.

“This is prime property in a desirable location,” said DeGroot. “The amount the Village is willing to give reflects that.”

Property owners interested in selling their land should contact Village of Mount Pleasant Project Director, Claude Lois, at 262-664-7860.

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