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Local Leaders Applaud DNR Approval of City of Racine's Water Diversion Request to Serve Village

The following statements were issued today regarding the Department of Natural Resource’s approval of the City of Racine’s straddling community water diversion application for Great Lakes water on behalf of the Village of Mount Pleasant:

President David DeGroot, Village of Mount Pleasant:

“The diversion request approved today is something the Village of Mount Pleasant has been considering for years as we have explored ways to support broader I-94 corridor development, creating even more Racine County jobs, patrons and residents. Foxconn’s investment has presented us with a great opportunity to do just that, and I am pleased the DNR has approved the request. We will now be able to provide clean, reliable, safe water to the businesses that will locate to this area, and the thousands of workers they will employ.”

County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County:

“From day one, County leadership has been careful and thoughtful in our approach to capitalizing on a major investment from Foxconn. We have worked hard to maximize benefits for Racine County residents and taxpayers, while also protecting the fabric of our community — including our natural resources. The approved water diversion to the Village of Mount Pleasant will strengthen our community, lead to greater opportunities for economic development and will do so in a responsible, environmentally accountable way.”

Keith Haas, General Manager, Racine Water and Wastewater Utilities:

“Lake Michigan is Racine County’s greatest asset and I am committed to protecting it and treating it with care. I believe the diversion approved today by the DNR does just that. When regulated and monitored, the use of Lake Michigan water benefits our entire community and provides the opportunity for job-creating development.”

Mayor Cory Mason, City of Racine:

“As a former Legislator who worked hard to pass the Great Lakes Compact, I believe the diversion application meets the standards for a straddling community diversion. As the Mayor of Racine and a Commissioner of the Utility that will provide water and wastewater utility to the diversion area, I am committed to ensuring that Foxconn will have to meet or beat every federal, state, and local water standard. Protecting Lake Michigan will continue to be one of the highest priorities for the City”.

Jenny Trick, Executive Director, Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC):

“Today’s approval benefits the entire region. The diversion of Lake Michigan water, as governed by the Great Lakes Compact, will not only support Foxconn and broader I-94 corridor development, it will ensure our area’s greatest natural resource is protected.”

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