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Village Announces Bid for Demolition Work Tied to Foxconn Project

Initial Demolition Work to Occur Along Braun Road

Today, the Village of Mount Pleasant announced it is seeking bids for the first demolition work tied to Foxconn’s $10 billion, 22-million-square-foot manufacturing campus. The initial demolition work will focus on properties along Braun Road. The bids are separated into two packages — one for projects north of Braun Road and one for South of Braun Road.

“Our first bid for demolition work is just the next big step forward for the Village to prepare for construction of Foxconn’s manufacturing campus,” said David DeGroot, Village of Mount Pleasant President. “We are excited to see the transformation of the project area in the coming weeks, months and years.”

The work will include razing and removing all structure(s), out buildings, flatwork, driveway aprons, fill, filling all basements, crawl spaces and excavated areas with approved granular material, landscape restoration, traffic control as needed, and erosion control. The bids related to 12 parcels related to Braun Road North in the Village of Mount Pleasant and 11 parcels related to Braun Road south.

Interested bidders must attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting scheduled for 9 a.m., May 17 at Mount Pleasant Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Bids are due at 10 a.m., May 24. Contractors must also submit pre-qualification statements before submitting their bid.

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