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DeGroot: Foxconn Spurs Economic Development in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Village President David DeGroot recently shared his insights on the additional developments and investments that Foxconn has drawn to Mount Pleasant.

"From day one, we've been saying that Foxconn's $10 billion investment in the Village of Mount Pleasant is just the start," said DeGroot. "There has been much speculation about potential ancillary development and investment — both from Foxconn suppliers and unrelated businesses. But now, as work begins on Foxconn's 22-million-square foot technology park, that speculation is turning into reality. "

DeGroot pointed to movement in terms of housing development, investments by educational institutions and the hospitality industry as well as significant investments in the healthcare industry by Advocate Aurora Health Care and on infrastructure by the federal government.

Read DeGroot's full commentary in the Racine Journal Times.

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