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Moroney: Foxconn Is Historic, It's Happening, and It's Exciting

Director of Strategic Economic Initiatives for the State of Wisconsin, Matt Moroney recently shared some insights on the reason Foxconn has come to Wisconsin and the impact it will have.

"Wisconsin won Foxconn in large part due to the state’s strong manufacturing legacy, talented workforce, strong business climate, and world-class educational institutions that are stepping up to equip our workforce with the skills needed to build careers in the technology of the future – right here in Wisconsin! Additionally, Foxconn will draw talent from across the nation and globe, making Wisconsin a “brain gain” state that keeps more of our own graduates and attracts other millennials to opportunities here," said Moroney.

He goes on to say, "Foxconn’s ripple impact to existing Wisconsin companies will also be historic. It is estimated that Foxconn will spend approximately $1.4 billion in Wisconsin supplier purchases annually. To put that into perspective, Oshkosh Corp made nearly $300 million in purchases from more than 700 Wisconsin-based companies in 140 communities throughout Wisconsin. Foxconn’s impact will be four times that."

For more from Matt Moroney, click here.

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