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Foxconn Commits to Hiring 3,000 Veterans; Begins Military Veteran Recruitment Campaign

Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) this week announced the launch of a military veteran recruitment campaign to hire 3,000 veterans. Foxconn will attend 20 veteran career fairs across 13 stats in the coming months to recruit, interview and hire former military personnel as part of the company's commitment to hire 13,000 employees for its Racine County advanced manufacturing campus.

Hiring men and women who have served the country makes good business sense. Every year, some 250,000 Americans transition from the military to civilian life and Foxconn understands how this transition is an important time in the life of any veteran and their families,” said Christopher “Tank” Murdock, Special Advisor to Foxconn’s Wisconsin operations and a retired Navy Captain.

“As Foxconn’s presence in Wisconsin continues to grow, we are continually looking for men and women who are mission-focused, motivated, and team orientated to contribute to our vision of building a vibrant environment for talent, innovation and business across the state.”

More information is available here.

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