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Foxconn Statement on Election of Tony Evers

Foxconn Technology Group recently issued the following statement on the election of Tony Evers as Governor of the State of Wisconsin:

“Foxconn extends its sincere congratulations to Governor-elect Tony Evers. We look forward to working with him on our Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park and helping the State of Wisconsin achieve its potential as a hub for high technology development. We are eager to join with Governor-elect Evers and all our local partners to ensure this effort to significantly grow the Wisconsin economy and bring an advanced, next generation, high-tech ecosystem to the state is successful."

"We have already made significant progress and continue to actively move forward on our commitment to create high-value jobs in Wisconsin as part of our major investment in the state. Foxconn is committed to making a positive impact in the state, and we are also committed to continuing to do that in a manner that respects, nurtures and values the very things that first attracted us to Wisconsin – its quality of life and environment, its talented and hardworking people and its innovative and entrepreneurial tradition. We look forward to working with Governor-elect Evers and his team.”

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