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Racine to Host Smart Cities Events in September

As reported by the Racine Journal Times, City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason will be hosting several events in a series called "Smart City September," where he will celebrate innovation, answer questions, brainstorm ideas and reintroduce Racine as a center of innovation.

“Innovation hasn’t stopped, it continues to occur and we plan on building on that innovation that’s happened here for a long time,” Mason said. “Innovation continues in this community and we want to celebrate the role that businesses play here locally in shaping tomorrow’s technology.”

"It's clear that Racine County and the City of Racine are leading the way for Wisconsin embracing technology and preparing the region to compete in the digital economy," Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave said during a press conference announcing the events.

The events are scheduled for September 11-12, September 19 and September 25. For more information and to register for an event, click here.

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