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December 2019 Status Update

Foxconn’s Industrial Construction Work in Area 1

WisconnValley Science & Technology Park

Foxconn Status Update, December 2019

Construction Status Update

  • Site Development, Site Utility and Site Roadway work all continue as planned for seasonal (winter) work.

  • A good deal of landscaping in the NE of Area 1 is complete.

  • Fab:

  • precast complete

  • major component steel work is complete

  • roof work is proceeding as planned

  • under slab utilities and slab on grade are well underway

  • PSS -precast complete, construction of the screen wall is complete, HVAC equipment is being installed and interior work is underway

Next Steps and Procurement

  • Fab Foundations, Elevators, Testing Awarded

  • Power Substation Awarded

  • Fab Building Enclosure, Additional Site Work Awarded

  • Fab Building Interiors In Process

  • Fab MEP –Initial Phase Awarded

  • Fab Turnkey Systems, additional MEP Systems In Process


Wisconsin First and Racine County Economic Inclusion & Diversity Results

Wisconsin First

Business Contracting and Inclusion Goals

Wisconsin based Businesses 60%

Racine County based Businesses 10%

Minority-Owned (MBE) Business Enterprises

Woman-Owned (WBE) Enterprises 10% Combined

Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises

Workforce Inclusion and Diversity Goals

WisconsinResident Work Hours with an emphasis on Racine County Residents 70%

Minorities or People of Color*

Women 10% Combined


Gilbane|Exytewill deploy best efforts through robust outreach, procurement and construction practices to achieve the goals for the construction projects awarded for their work in the Science and Technology Park.


Fii Projects Construction Status Update

Smart Manufacturing Center (“SMC”)

Smart Manufacturing Center (“SMC”)

  • High Tech Manufacturing Facility

  • Single story with mezzanine. approx. 228Ksf

  • Site grading underway

  • UG utility, footing & foundation work scheduled to start week of 12/9

High Performance Computing Data Center (“

High Performance Computing Data Center (“HPCDC”)

  • Glass globe structure houses offices, Operations Center and auditorium space

  • Modular data center units under roof structure

  • Mobilization and start of work targeted for week of 12/2

Fii Procurement Summary

  • SMC Site & Foundations Awarded

  • SMC Core & Shell Work In Process

  • SMC MEP In Process

  • SMC Interiors 4 Q 2019 –1 Q 2020

  • HPCDC Site & Foundations In Process

  • HPCDCSite Utilities, Waterproofing, Elevators In Process

  • HPCDC Steel Core Stairs In Process

  • HPCDC MEP 4 Q 2019 –1 Q 2020

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