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Status Update – September 2020

Foxconn’s Industrial Construction Work in Area 1

WisconnValley Science & Technology Park

Mount Pleasant, WI – Work on remaining sitewide activities is projected to complete as scheduled

Fab Main Lobby


  • Phase 0 areas and the “NE Quadrant” land to be turned over to SIO in September

  • Code required work in the balance of the Fab (”Phase 1” spaces) has been designed and will begin soon


  • PSS and associated land to be turned over to FEWI in September

Fab North & East Facades

Fii Projects Update

HPCDC Sheer Core &Steel

Smart Manufacturing Center (“SMC”):

  • Interior painting continues

  • Continuing drywall – lower levels

  • Setting air handlers

  • Light fixture installation

  • Continue finish work (flooring, ceilings, casework)

High Performance Computing Data Center (“HPCDC”):

  • Completed radiant topping slab

  • Continued slab edge cold formed framing • Pre-assembly of dome top cap

  • Continued channels for insulated glass panels

  • Continued drywall in lower level

  • Continuing MEP:

  • Install on lower level

  • layout & rough-in second floor

  • Started site utilities


Businesses interested in applying for competitive bids packages with Mortenson for Foxconn’s other facilities such as the Smart Manufacturing Center (SMC) and High-Performance Computing Data Center (HPCDC) are asked to visit for upcoming opportunities and to register at Students, recent college graduates, job-seekers and veterans interested in pursuing careers in fields such as high-performance computing, smart manufacturing, industrial big data, cloud computing, smart display and industrial artificial intelligence are invited to visit to learn more.

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