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Smart Manufacturing in Wisconsin - 2020

Partners & Stakeholders

Foxconn Smart Manufacturing in WI

In 2020, Foxconn opened its doors at the Park to more of our partners and stakeholders. These partners have been with Foxconn since the beginning, and we remain grateful to all partners and stakeholders who appreciate Foxconn’s identity as a contract manufacturer and our ability to deploy smart manufacturing techniques that will revolutionize how other manufacturers across Wisconsin and the United States compete.

Foxconn was honored to welcome many members of the community to walk the grounds of the Park and our manufacturing operations throughout 2020. As we enter into 2021, Foxconn looks forward to hosting more Park visits and giving members of the business community a closer look at what Foxconn manufactures and how we do it through smart manufacturing.

Foxconn values those who support the material contributions we have made in Wisconsin and is grateful to those who understand that in order to make a business sustainable, companies must adjust to market demands. Lastly, Foxconn thanks those who support our vision for smart manufacturing. With smart manufacturing, continued investment and high- tech jobs for all skill levels will be needed in Wisconsin – regardless of what we produce pursuant to market demands. We thank those partners who see that therein lies the exciting and endless opportunities.


Businesses interested in applying for competitive bids packages with Mortenson for Foxconn’s other facilities such as the Smart Manufacturing Center (SMC) and High-Performance Computing Data Center (HPCDC) are asked to visit for upcoming opportunities and to register at Students, recent college graduates, job-seekers and veterans interested in pursuing careers in fields such as high-performance computing, smart manufacturing, industrial big data, cloud computing, smart display and industrial artificial intelligence are invited to visit to learn more.


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