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"As we’ve been out in the community talking to existing employers, we’ve heard the same response: “This is great news, but …” Often that “but” has to do with existing businesses’ ability to attract talent and fill open positions.

To address this challenge, RCEDC has been working with Racine County leadership to develop new programs. In 2018, Racine County will embark on a national talent recruitment effort. Coupled with this talent recruitment program will be new marketing to encourage people to move to, work in and patronize Racine County.

In addition to these recruitment-focused efforts, Racine County will be funding a new loan program to support Racine County companies that need to invest in equipment or other resources to be a Foxconn supplier. This loan fund will help ensure that Racine County’s existing companies benefit from Foxconn’s investment."

Read more from Jenny Trick in the Racine Journal Times.

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