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Status Update – October 2020

Foxconn’s Industrial Construction Work in Area 1

WisconnValley Science & Technology Park

Mount Pleasant, WI – Remaining site development work is complete. Most of Area 1 land is now turned over to SIO/FEWI

Fab Main Lobby


  • Phase 0 areas to be turned over to SIO in November

  • Code required work in the balance of the Fab (”Phase 1” spaces) has begun and is schedule to complete in 1Q2021


  • PSS and associated land has been turned over to SIO/FEWI

Fab North & East Facades

Fii Projects Update

Smart Manufacturing Center (“SMC”):

  • IContinue paint and drywalling within the facility

  • Continue carpeting on the mezzanine and begin carpeting on the first floor in the clinic space

  • Completed the installation of the storefront at the mezzanine bridge and acoustical ceilings on both the west and east sides of the mezzanine

  • Begin sealing and polishing concrete on the first floor

  • Finished drywall on the mezzanine and beginning drywall on the lower level

  • Air handlers were set as they were delivered

  • Complete light fixture installation on the mezzanine

  • Begin the installation of wall tiles in the mezzanine wall

  • Installation of the ‘Fii’ monument sign and flag poles

HPCDC Sheer Core &Steel

High Performance Computing Data Center (“HPCDC”):

  • Continue overhead MEP rough-in on lower level

  • Completed the sphere steel structure

  • Completed water main install

  • Completed the sanitary line install

  • Completed geothermal loops

  • Started install sphere glass install

  • Started overhead MEP rough-in on 1st & 2nd Floor

  • Started wall framing on 1st & 2nd Floor

  • Started in-wall rough-in on 1st & 2nd Floor


Businesses interested in applying for competitive bids packages with Mortenson for Foxconn’s other facilities such as the Smart Manufacturing Center (SMC) and High-Performance Computing Data Center (HPCDC) are asked to visit for upcoming opportunities and to register at Students, recent college graduates, job-seekers and veterans interested in pursuing careers in fields such as high-performance computing, smart manufacturing, industrial big data, cloud computing, smart display and industrial artificial intelligence are invited to visit to learn more.

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