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Contract Awarded for County H and County A Work

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has awarded a roughly $6 million contract to Payne and Dolan, Inc. to rehabilitate portions of County A in Kenosha County and County H in parts of Racine and Kenosha County. The work along Kenosha County A will run from I-94 east to County H. The work on County H will take place between County H in Kenosha on the south end of the project up to WIS 20 in Racine County. The project will have a tight timeframe with work on the project to be completed in early May on County H and by June 1st for County A work.

Once completed the roadways will support diverted traffic which is expected with the reconstruction of I-94 mainline. The roads will also support the transportation needs of both workers and materials needing access into the Foxconn development.

Learn more from WisDOT here.

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