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DeGroot: Foxconn Project Moving Forward, Committed to Racine County and Wisconsin

Mount Pleasant Village President David DeGroot discussed the start of construction on the Foxconn project and the company's proven commitment to Wisconsin in the Racine Journal Times:

"Perhaps most noteworthy about the start of site work, is who will be doing the work. M+W | Gilbane, Foxconn’s lead contractor for the project, announced that this first phase of work will result in $100 million of contracts. The vast majority, 90 percent, of those contracts have been awarded to Wisconsin companies, 10 percent of which are located right here in Racine County," said DeGroot.

"I’ve always believed Foxconn’s commitment to Wisconsin was real, but now it’s proven, and it’s only the start. M+W | Gilbane is gearing up for its next major contractor announcement and just recently, the village went out to bid for initial demolition work for the project. You can be sure even more Wisconsin and Racine County companies, and residents, will benefit."

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