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Local Companies Benefit from Foxconn Construction Work

With massive construction efforts underway on Phase I of construction on the Foxconn project site, the Racine Journal Times reports that local companies are seeing expanded business opportunities as a result.

"The enormity of scale of the project is not easily conveyed," said Adam Jelen, Senior Vice President and Project Principal for M+W | Gilbane. "Crews are currently depositing about 100 to 200 dump truckloads of aggregate, or gravel, daily."

This aggregate is coming from three main places - Waterford, Sussex and New Berlin.

Chris Alby, of Super Aggregates in Waterford, expects his company to provide about 50 to 60 truckloads per day to the Foxconn site, has hired three additional people and has added 10 additional trucks.

"We're producing at our highest rate ever," said Alby. "We're blessed with it, it's amazing for our employees our business."

Read the full story in the Racine Journal Times.

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