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Foxconn, UW-Milwaukee Partner to Create New International Engineering Co-Op Program

Foxconn Technology Group, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Chung Yuan Christian University recently announced an agreement to create an international co-op program in which UWM engineering students will study at the university in Taiwan and work at a Foxconn facility there.

"We are delighted to host Foxconn's first international co-op program in Wisconsin and be a model for other universities in the state," UWM Chancellor Dr. Mark Mone said. "Many of us in higher education have talked for years about the need to collaborate more closely with each other and with our business partners, and Foxconn has encouraged us to accelerate that work to benefit our students and our state. Companies throughout Wisconsin will need the well-trained engineers that programs like this will provide."

Foxconn will need thousands of engineers to help run the $10 billion advanced manufacturing facility it is building in Mount Pleasant. This co-op program model could eventually be replicated at other universities around Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Learn more about this new partnership in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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