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Foxconn to Hire Veterans

Last week, Foxconn shared that it has big plans for hiring Wisconsin veterans.

Foxconn's first two Wisconsin employees were veterans, and hiring veterans has been part of the company's plan since announcing it would locate in Wisconsin.

"I think there is no better management school than the military," said Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn chairman Terry Gou.

Foxconn recently hired two additional veterans to build the core of a recruitment team. By the time the company is finished filling its ranks, it hopes to count as many as 3,000 veterans as employees in the state .

"The military is being part of something larger than yourself, being part of a larger mission," said Capt. Chris 'Tank' Murdoch, former Navy pilot and Foxconn's first employee in Wisconsin. "Actually trying to be part of something bigger than me, a larger mission, trying to build something here in Wisconsin... that was very attractive to me."

Read more from the BizTimes .

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