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Hoffman: Foxconn Benefits Felt Throughout Wisconsin

James Hoffman, President of Hoffman Construction Company, recently shared his perspective on the Foxconn project's statewide impact, including on his Jackson County-based construction firm.

"The benefits from the Foxconn Project in Racine County are having positive impacts across Wisconsin and are yielding measurable results in all parts of the state, even up here in Jackson County. This includes the team at Black River Falls-based Hoffman Construction Company, where employment levels have soared and more than 100 jobs have been created as a result of work we have won related to the project in Southeastern Wisconsin, some 220 miles from our headquarters," said Hoffman.

"This is an exciting time to be in the construction business, especially in connection with Foxconn. All parts of Wisconsin will see positive economic impacts from this economic development project. We look forward to the future as we utilize our greatest asset, our employees, who will continue to build up Wisconsin."

Read more from James Hoffman in the Racine Journal Times.

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