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Still: Foxconn's Technologies Will Place Wisconsin on Leading Edge of Manufacturing, Health Care

Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council, recently discussed Foxconn's technology capabilities and what they could mean for the state.

"The standard descriptor of Foxconn is that of a company that assembles iPhones and television sets. That’s true, but it’s also a company with technologies to combat cancer; enhance learning for students; improve manufacturing quality and efficiency; store and retrieve massive amounts of medical data; create sustainable systems; and support legacy business sectors such as retail, aviation and transportation," said Still.

"A tour of Foxconn’s exhibits was like a trip to an Epcot Center of technology, with something to amaze every visitor. Even if the 2,900-acre campus does not grow into “the eighth wonder of the world,” as Trump predicted, the company will redefine Wisconsin’s economy precisely because so many of its technologies build upon existing strengths."

Read more from Tom Still in the Wisconsin State Journal.

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