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Vebber: Foxconn Remains Committed to Environment

Recently, Lucas Vebber, general counsel and director of environmental and energy policy for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, addressed misconceptions regarding the environmental regulations Foxconn is subject to.

Vebber clarifies that "Foxconn was required to obtain the exact same air and water quality permits as every other business in Wisconsin, and as such, has to meet 100% of our state’s stringent air and water quality standards," and that "the project was approved with bipartisan support."

He also confirmed "the project absolutely complied with, and worked within, the legal framework of the Great Lakes Water Compact. In fact, while some states, like Pennsylvania, for example, initially raised concerns — after further review of the application and approval even they agree that this project complies with the requirements of the compact."

Read more from Lucas Vebber in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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