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Foxconn to Open Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley in Downtown Eau Claire

Foxconn Technology Group announced Monday that it is expanding its Wisconn Valley Innovation Network to West Central Wisconsin as part of its initiative to spur innovation, attract talent and connect with supply chain partners. The new center will be named Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley, and will create at least 150 high-tech jobs in Eau Claire .

"We are excited to expand our Wisconn Valley footprint to the Chippewa Valley and West Central Wisconsin. Our goal in establishing Foxconn Place is to help inspire innovative ideas, attract talent and catalyze cutting-edge solutions in this part of the state ," said Alan Yeung, Foxconn's Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives. "Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley will play a key role in building a vibrant AI 8K+5G ecosystem in the U.S., with Wisconsin at the center of this vision ."

To learn more about Foxconn Place Chippewa Valley, click here .

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