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New Effort Underway in Racine County to Stimulate Foxconn Housing Creation

The Racine Journal Times recently reported on an initiative underway to "prime the pump" for the construction of a wide array of housing types in Racine County in the next few years. The initiative is aimed at creating options for new residents who move to the area as developments like Foxconn Technology Group bring in thousands of new jobs .

The initiative is being led by Jerry Franke of Franke Development Advisors, on behalf of Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave and RCEDC Executive Director Jenny Trick. He estimates that nearly 10,500 housing units will be needed to house all 13,000 future Foxconn employees.

Franke indicated that the County Executive charged him with this work because he "really wants to capture as much of the residential growth that will be generated by Foxconn and related jobs for Racine County because people tend to spend most of their disposable income where they live ."

Franke presented his findings and recommendations to the Racine County Board on July 10 and at the Village of Mount Pleasant's Monthly Foxconn Briefing on July 16, and will cap off his work at a housing summit on September 12.

To read the full story in the Racine Journal Times, click here .

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