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Delgrave: The Boom Is Coming and We Are Ready

Racine County recently partnered with the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread and invited community leaders from Reno to discuss the challenges Reno leaders faced when preparing for investments from tech leaders like Tesla.

Following that conversation, County Executive Jonathan Delagrave shared his perspective on Racine County's readiness for the upcoming economic boom.

"The tremendous change facing many sectors of our community — from housing and workforce to education and public services — was confirmed after learning from Reno leaders and their experiences. While the changes can sometimes seem daunting, Reno representatives remarked that Racine County is further along now than they were at this point in their development."

"Reno leaders faced skepticism and disbelief about whether such ambitious plans would really come to fruition, just as we do now. The path forward won’t always be easy, but I left Wingspread last week feeling more confident than ever in the leaders in our community, in the teamwork that has gotten us this far, and in our ability to lift everyone up and make sure we all benefit from this incredible opportunity."

Read more from the County Executive in the Racine Journal Times.

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