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Hogan: Developments Will Make Green Bay a 'Magnet' for Talent

Following announcements that Foxconn will open innovation centers in Green Bay and in Eau Claire , Mark Hogan, CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, shared his perspective on the project with the Green Bay Press Gazette.

"I feel good about the contract we have: No jobs created, no wages, then they get no tax credits, " Hogan said. "This is an investment in our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren... What I've seen with Foxconn is the celebration of collaboration to solve problems and take advantage of the opportunities around us ."

"I'm a firm believer that all the things happening will be a magnet for people to northeast Wisconsin," Hogan said. "You can't fill the number of jobs being created in the region just from the Fox Valley. This is a regional play for talent, a national play for talent and an international play for talent. We believe Foxconn will attract more people and have that magnet effect " on the state.

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