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Village Board Approves Purchase Agreements with Four Property Owners Previously Part of Federal Laws

Last week, the Village of Mount Pleasant voted to approve purchase agreements with four property owners in the Foxconn Project Area that were previously plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against the Village.

"We are pleased to have reached agreements with four of the property owners that were previously plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Village," said Alan Marcuvitz, an attorney for the Village of Mount Pleasant. "Because the Village was able to reach voluntary agreements for the sale of their property, those individuals will be dismissed as plaintiffs from the lawsuit."

In addition, the Village Board voted to acquire land from several other property owners in the Foxconn Project Area. To date, the Village has acquired 100% of the land in the core of Area I, where the first phase of Foxconn's manufacturing campus is being build, as well as 82% of the land in Areas I, II and III.

More information is available here .

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