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Reinventing Racine: Former Racine YMCA To Become Apartments

Photo: Gregory Shaver for the Racine Journal Times

A California development team, Mt. Royal Investment Group, will convert the former Racine Downtown YMCA building (401 Wisconsin Ave, Racine) into 52 apartments in a redevelopment fueled by Foxconn's investment in the Racine community.

As reported by BizTimes ,“I decided to focus, for now, on the downtown area of Racine, knowing that Mount Pleasant is more developed and closer to the Foxconn site, and that Kenosha is ahead of Racine in development,” said Tim Ryan, part of the development group. “Racine really caught my eye as the next up-and-coming location . The harbor is absolutely beautiful and downtown has all of the makings for a great center of town for eating, shopping and entertainment.”

“My partners and I are excited about being part of the growth that is coming to Racine. I see the downtown being an attraction for younger millennial types. There has been a new migration back to the urban cities in the past 10 years that America hasn’t seen since the early 1900s.”

Learn more about this development in BizTimes.

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