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Foxconn's Tech Footprint: Impact Looms Large

As the Milwaukee Business Journal recently reported, Foxconn Technology Group's influence is expected to elevate Wisconsin's innovation status.

The Business Journal's Nick Williams points to three areas where the company will have the most impact:

  1. Establishing next-generation tech centers: "Foxconn is going to ultimately change a lot in Wisconsin in terms of not only innovation that might cluster around its Mount Pleasant facility, but other parts of the state where they choose to open innovation centers," said Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council in Madison.

  2. Making Wisconsin a leader in advanced manufacturing: "With Foxconn’s capabilities in Industry 4.0 — the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies — and the industrial internet of things industry, where machinery and power systems are connected to the internet for data extraction, remote management and more, Wisconsin businesses can learn to be more efficient while increasing productivity and decreasing expenses."

  3. The chain reaction of Foxconn: Foxconn is building an innovative system here that's focused on sharing, unveiling and highlighting technology that was previously kept under wraps.

Read more in the Milwaukee Business Journal.

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