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Foxconn Closes on Purchase of 'Foxconn Place Racine'

Foxconn Technology Group recently purchased the office building at 1 Main Street in Racine for $6.25 million. The company plans to develop "Foxconn Place Racine and Wisconn Valley Innovation Center" and support about 125 Foxconn employees at the location.

“Foxconn’s purchase of One Main Centre is in line with our continued efforts to create a vibrant environment in Wisconsin for smart city solutions that will revolutionize how we live, work and play,” said Dr. Alan Yeung, Foxconn Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives.

This is the second building Foxconn has purchased in the City of Racine. In December, the company bought an office building at 601 Lake Avenue, which it has said will be tied to the company's Smart City research efforts.

Read more in the Racine Journal Times.

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