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Foxconn Officials Communicating Weekly with Evers Administration

State Revenue Secretary Peter Barca recently sat down with the Racine Journal Times to talk Foxconn, sharing that he and several other members of the Evers Administration are in regular, weekly contact with Foxconn executives.

“They’ve been very candid with us, which is nice, in terms of sharing with us (information about) things that are coming up,” Barca said about Foxconn officials.

"For Barca, the company’s decision to move from manufacturing large screens to smaller screens here has not shaken his confidence in the future of the project . He pointed to Foxconn’s investments in other parts of the state, along with investments in the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a partnership in a venture capital fund with Advocate Aurora Health, Johnson Controls and Northwestern Mutual as evidence of the company’s commitment to the state."

Read more in the Racine Journal Times.

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