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Foxconn celebrates progress in the company's Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park (WVSTP)

Foxconn Founder, Terry Gou, Visits Wisconsin to Celebrate 2019 Milestone Achievements with Foxconn Employees and Community Leaders

Milwaukee, WI – Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) today announced that Founder, Terry Gou, visited Wisconsin on December 6, 2019, to celebrate progress in the company's Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park (WVSTP) and other Wisconsin projects with employees and community leaders in both Milwaukee and Mount Pleasant.

As construction of the company's nearly one-million-square-foot advanced manufacturing facility nears full enclosure, Founder Gou visited the project site. With the addition of several hundred Wisconsin-based, Foxconn employees, he also attended the company’s employee holiday party in Milwaukee to celebrate 2019 milestone accomplishments – a celebration which included community leaders and stakeholders representing business and government.

"Wisconsin is Foxconn’s North American home," said Founder Terry Gou. "We have achieved a great deal over the past year, and it is due in great part to the hard work of the hundreds of Foxconn Wisconsin employees and the many partners who are supporting the construction of the new facilities. Next year is projected to be even more significant as we bring facilities at the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park on stream."

To date, Foxconn has invested approximately $350 million dollars within Area 1 of the WVSTP with contract awards given to several dozen Wisconsin companies. Led by Foxconn’s construction partner Gilbane|Exyte, the development of Area 1 within the WVSTP has undergone significant transformation over the course of the last year. This transformation has included the vertical construction of Foxconn’s nearly one-million-square-foot advanced manufacturing facility, as well as progress on infrastructure, supporting facilities and landscaping.

In tandem with the construction at the WVSTP, Foxconn prioritized hiring initiatives earlier this year to recruit and nurture high-tech talent experienced in Smart Manufacturing, High-Performance Computing, 5G Networks, Cloud Computing, Industrial AI, Robotics, Mobile Devices, Internet of Things and related areas. Foxconn officials also partnered with Wisconsin colleges and universities, as well as over a dozen colleges and universities from across the Midwest to facilitate knowledge sharing sessions and create opportunities for students looking to embark on a career in technology, further supporting Wisconsin’s bid to become a technology hub.


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